The Cure – Just Like Heaven

"show me, show me, show me how you do that trick,
the one that makes me scream,” she said
"the one that makes me laugh," she said
threw her arms around my neck
show me how you do it
and i promise you, i promise that
i’ll run away with you
i’ll run away with you

Jim Morrison photographed by Joel Brodsky, NYC, 1967.


An important read.

"Thanks for the tragedy. I need it for my art. Punk Rock is Art. Punk Rock to me means freedom. The only problem I’ve had with the situationist in Punk Rock is that absolute denial of anything sacred. I find a few things sacred such as the superior of women and the negro have the things they’ve had to contribute to Art. I guess what I’m saying is that Art is sacred. Punk Rock is freedom. Expression and right to express is vital. Anyone can be artistic." - Kurt Cobain.

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